Armando Vargas

Grill Master | Pet Parent | Area Engineering Manager

Armando is one of Gorilla Logic’s original Area Engineering Managers (AEMs), overseeing a team of 45 talented software engineers, tech leads and scrum masters. In addition to managing his team’s daily activities, he also develops long-lasting, trusted advisor relationships with our clients.

Armando joined Gorilla Logic in its early years, and has witnessed its exponential growth first-hand. “The AEMs have grown a lot over the past few years.” Armando notes. “In 2015, we had between 20 and 25 developers. Today we have 150 developers in Costa Rica alone.”

While Armando loves staying in constant touch with our clients, his true passion lies in coaching and mentoring his Gorillas. As he puts it, “I like the idea of teaching our Gorillas to fish versus just giving them the fish.”

Outside of Gorilla Logic, Armando is a force behind a BBQ grill (he prefers charcoal over gas). He and his wife are enthusiastic pet parents, having adopted 11 dogs and 7 cats – so far.

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