Anto Rojas Coto

Passionate learner | Entrepreneurial leader | Design Practice Lead

Anto’s entrepreneurial spirit shines throughout her career, starting with a successful children’s product company she co-founded and led after graduating from school. Her true passion, though, is engineering product design, which she has pursued in a variety of technology and services companies. As a Senior UI/UX Designer and Design Practice Lead at Gorilla Logic, Anto brings her entrepreneurial leadership and UI/UX skills together, helping to embed exceptional UI/UX into client projects and to grow the Practice through mentoring and training. In her role as Practice Lead, Anto seeks to cross-pollinate UI and UX into all projects and infuse new technologies and best practices across the team.

Outside of work, Anto prefers to disconnect from technology, spending time hiking with her husband and dog or watching true crime documentaries. And she enjoys a starring role as the voice of the call center’s automated system in a company she worked for previously. When she has enough free time, she pursues a lifelong love for illustration.

Anto Rojas Gorilla Logic
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