Andrey Espinoza

Builder of (people) bridges | Seeker of new cultures | Senior Technical Recruiter

One of six boys, and the middle child, Andrey makes friends easily and he is a born adventurer, diving enthusiastically into anything new and complex. His career in recruiting has been a natural fit for his affinity for people. With more than 10 years of experience, Andrey came to Gorilla Logic because of its reputation for a strong, positive, and proactive culture. In his new role as Senior Technical Recruiter, Andrey is thrilled to be part of creating a strong recruiting program that connects exceptional talent to Gorilla Logic’s most challenging projects. He’s also looking forward to building bridges between the account executives, the Talent Acquisition team, and the delivery teams.

A lifelong learner at heart, Andrey loves to travel to new places and experience new cultures. He’s recently returned home to Costa Rica after living in the Ukraine for a while, getting reacquainted with family, friends, and his mom’s cooking. He much prefers to be outside wherever he can, hiking, trekking, and playing with his Pug, Rosquilla. Andrey’s cultural curiosity shows up also in his cooking, and he’s known for his mouth-watering, theme-based dinners, often with a creative Andrey-twist on Mexican or Italian cuisine.

Andrey Espinoza Gorilla Logic
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