Andrés Arcia

Explorer | Guitar Player | Back-End Practice Lead

As a Backend Practice Lead, Andres works closely with his fellow Gorillas to develop the web services and infrastructure that serve as the foundation for their clients’ technology initiatives. When asked what it means to be a Gorilla, he’s quick to reply, “A Gorilla never stops. We’re always looking for solutions and asking questions to help our clients achieve the most out of their technology investments.”

A veteran of Fortune 500 companies, Andres likes the independence that comes with working for a high-growth, nimble company like Gorilla Logic. He also appreciates being part of a community where everyone has open access to Gorilla Logic’s executive team, ideas and feedback are always encouraged, and individual and team successes are regularly acknowledged and celebrated.

“Prior to joining Gorilla Logic, I worked for really large, global companies. They were great learning experiences,” says Andres. “However, working for a fast-growing company like Gorilla Logic has given me the freedom to take ownership for my projects and determine the best approach to helping my clients. I also have the opportunity to interact directly with Gorilla Logic’s founders and executive leadership, which I’ve not experienced before.”

Away from the office, Andres loves to explore “anyplace new” with his wife. Alberta, Canada, currently tops his list of favorite travel destinations (“It’s an amazing place that I’ll never forget.”). He also enjoys listening to a wide range of music – everything from electronica to country. Andres has been known to pick up his guitar every now and then. We’re still waiting for him to join one of Gorilla Logic’s jam sessions.

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