Andrés Aguilar

Passionate linguist | Geek at heart | Technical Recruiter

Driving everything Andrés does is a love of learning, whether it’s a course on Python, reading up on space and particle physics, or getting to know new people. As a Technical Recruiter, Andrés loves helping people discover the best job opportunities to further their careers in technology. With years of experience in recruiting and sourcing, Andrés joined Gorilla Logic in 2020, excited to deepen his own recruiting and sourcing skills by working with one of the most respected tech companies in Costa Rica.

Andrés spends much of his time getting to know prospective job candidates and their personal and professional goals, and then finding the best candidates for potential jobs. For Andrés, it’s personally fulfilling to match a talented candidate with a challenging and rewarding job opportunity.

Outside of work, Andrés is a passionate traveler who loves learning new cultures, frequently visiting extended family across Canada and the U.S. In addition to being bilingual in Spanish and English, Andrés is currently studying Japanese, with plans to add German or Russian after that. Andrés learned photography and filmography from his grandfather and father, and expresses his creative side in landscape photography.

Andres Aguilar Gorilla Logic
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