Ana Bravo

Rescue dog lover | Geek girl | UI/UX Practice Lead

For Ana, UI/UX design represents the perfect marriage of her affinity for all things technology with her interest in and empathy for other people. Prior to Gorilla Logic, she held increasingly senior UI/UX positions in different technology companies, but sought more challenging projects. Three years ago, she found the growth opportunities she wanted at Gorilla Logic, most recently as Senior UI/UX designer.

Now, with her promotion to UI/UX Practice Lead, Ana is shifting her focus to the growth of the practice and of other designers. She divides her time between client projects, supporting designers, and educating Gorillas about the important role of UI/UX design from the very beginning of a project. Ana’s approach prioritizes user-focused design first and aesthetics second, so that every product delivers usable, functional, and pleasing experiences for the end users and business outcomes for the client.

Ana spends her time outside of work as a freelance photographer, and has found the perfect focal point for her hobby in photographing Macarena, her rescue dog. Ana believes that, as happened with her family’s other rescue dogs, Macarena found her. She credits Macarena, an Insta-famous canine personality in Costa Rica, with helping her rediscover the important role of empathy for others in her technology-centered life.

Ana Bravo Gorilla Logic
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