Alycia Trujillo

Passionate Activist | Rock Climber | Technical Recruiter

Alycia knows first-hand how critical company fit can be. Working in accounting during college and shortly after graduating, Alycia liked the business side of her job, but found she missed forming deeper connections with people. When Gorilla Logic offered the opportunity to shift into a new role in a new industry, she embraced it and never looked back. Now, her role as a technical recruiter combines her interest in business with her compassion for people. The fact that Gorilla Logic is such a fun place to work is an added bonus.

Alycia channels her deep passion for civil rights and equality into volunteer work in her free time. In the past, she worked for a domestic violence shelter, and will soon begin training to work a hotline for a non-profit that fights human trafficking. As a minority woman in business, she believes it’s vital to make a difference wherever and however she can.

Fritz and Babs, Alycia’s two cats, keep her company at home. When it’s time for fun, you can find Alycia rock climbing, reading, or learning Spanish.

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