Alonzo Vargas

Acting Student | Rock ‘n Roll Fan | Area Engineering Manager

Alonzo smiles when our co-founder, Stu, refers to him as one of the original Gorillas. When he joined Gorilla Logic’s Costa Rica team, there were just enough developers to field one soccer team. Today, he oversees a team of 60 Gorillas – or roughly five soccer teams. And Alonzo makes sure to support all of them – helping them to achieve their professional goals and deliver the best possible software solutions for our clients.

“When I first started with Gorilla Logic, it was a small company with a lot of great talent,” Alonzo recalls. “The company has grown substantially while building a reputation for providing clients with really talented developers. It’s an honor to work here and be one of the original Gorillas.”

Alonzo works hard to staff, guide and manage his teams while anticipating our clients’ needs. He balances his passion for technology by playing with his two small children and indulging in his love of music (Radiohead and Pink Floyd are his favorite bands). And while he may not play soccer, Alonzo mixes things up by taking acting lessons (“Honestly, it’s really, really fun!”).

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