Agile Teams or Staff Augmentation?

5 Questions to Help You Determine Which Is Better for Scaling Your Software Build

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How critical are your development needs?

Some product owners only need an outsourced developer or two to work on low-risk initiatives, separate from their internal development teams. However, a team of highly skilled Agile developers provides the collaboration and cohesiveness needed for high-stakes, custom projects.

An Agile team is a cross-functional, self-organizing unit that can define, build, and test software seamlessly, yielding greater productivity. Gorilla Logic’s Agile teams are uniquely ready to plug into scaling frameworks, actively functioning like an internal team. All Gorillas are English-fluent, reside in US time zones, and share a cultural affinity. An Agile Gorilla team can hop on a SAFe® Agile Release Train providing the same continuous exploration, integration, and deployment as your internal teams.

Gorilla teams are so deeply rooted in collaboration, clients often experience growth in their own culture of collaboration.

When collaboration and speed to delivery are critical, the efficiency of an Agile team is preferable.

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Relative to onboarding and management, which approach is more efficient?

Hiring, training, and managing individual developers takes up valuable time—something every IT leader we know wishes they had more of. A self-managing Agile team, by definition, requires less oversight on your part while still providing full transparency through Agile ceremonies such as Daily Stand Ups. Agile teams are delivering working code at the end of every sprint, beginning at Sprint 1.

If a new Gorilla joins the team, that team member is brought up to speed on processes and culture by the existing team. When adding/replacing a disparate embedded resource, you're starting over with hiring and training on the domain knowledge, process, etc.

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Scaling with Gorilla Agile teams means quicker response to changes and less managerial oversight, so your time is spent on higher value activities.

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When addressing unexpected issues, which option is most effective?

Not every development project goes according to plan. Delays, changing priorities, and missed milestones can occur, resulting in a stressful domino effect and unexpected costs. Individual developers often don’t have all the skill sets needed to resolve an issue, and aren’t aligned in a way to quickly seek support from others.

Members of a self-organizing Agile team easily tap into team members’ expertise and regularly connect with their client teams on Standups, Demo’s, Retro’s, and other ceremonies. Depending on the team composition, if there is a hiccup in the development cycle, the team may have the ability to swarm as needed to resolve issues and keep projects on track.

Members of an Agile team often have better access to a wider range of resources to leverage when challenges arise, enabling faster resolution. In addition to their team members, Gorillas can reach out to a host of Practice Leads for ideas and problem-solving.

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In a recent survey, 98% of respondents said that they had success with Agile projects in their organization.


of organizations who adopt Agile see improved speed of delivery and time to market.


of organizations list “team productivity” as a benefit of Agile.


of organizations who adopt Agile cite improvements in the ability to manage changing priorities.

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Do you want to avoid “developer lock-in”?

Hiring individual developers can mean committing for a certain contract period. If your project scope changes, you may end up paying for resources that you can’t use or no longer need. A nearshore partner such as Gorilla Logic offers custom teams that are purpose-built for every stage of your project, from initiation to release. We can manage the resourcing dynamics such as scaling up or bringing in different skill sets as needed, so you don’t pay for resources you don’t use.

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Flexibility increases with an Agile team committed to an ongoing partnership, not just a current project.

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How do you measure ROI?

Companies often use a developer’s hourly rate as a benchmark for hiring. Cheap rates can be enticing; however, when managing capacity through a development partner, hourly rate is only part of the equation.

Resource productivity is a critical variable—given the quality of the devs and collaborative abilities, how many hours will the project take? A high-quality, collaborative team will drive to results faster. In addition to fewer hours, you won’t need to spend a bundle on training, management activities, and, in the case of offshore resources, rework due to miscommunication and lags related to time zone differences. There’s a reason 80% of our Fortune 500 clients have been with Gorilla Logic for over five years.

Before you make a hiring decision based on a developer’s hourly rate, run through our Value Algorithm. Clients with Agile Gorilla teams find they either expend less hours on a project than individual developers, deliver more than they had anticipated, or both!

To assess contribution, evaluate the direct and indirect costs associated with managing and delivering your project.

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Value Algorithm

What you’re thinking about:

Dollars per hour


What you also need to think about:

Your team’s time spent training

Additional management oversight


Cost (time and money) of travel, if relevant

Missed deadlines

Internal team frustrations


Agile Teams or Staff Augmentation

Which is better for scaling your software build?


The efficiency of an Agile team is best for complex and/or business-critical application builds.


Gorilla Agile teams can respond faster to changes and require less managerial oversight.


Gorilla Agile teams can more readily tap into additional resources when challenges arise.


Flexibility increases with an Agile team from Gorilla Logic given the commitment to ongoing partnership.


ROI assessments need to consider direct and indirect costs.

Unlock the power of business agility with Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic helps companies unlock business agility—empowering them to achieve their business and technology goals in an increasingly complex digital era. Our team of Agile experts enables clients to apply Lean principles and practices that result in accelerated product and service innovation, seamless software delivery, and improved responsiveness to customer and business needs.  

We bring unparalleled expertise in Agile delivery of complex web, mobile, and enterprise applications through onshore, nearshore, or blended teams. Our high-quality Agile teams integrate easily with your organization’s internal resources, facilitating smooth, ongoing communication that accelerates project velocity while delivering an improved ROI. The result is:

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See the power of Agile Teams

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